Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Acid Reflux


Heartburn is very common to everyone, and there are many natural remedies to enable you to get rid of this annoying condition. Although many people do not take it as a serious condition, you should also understand that when it is repeatedly experienced can cause severe injury to an individual. It is also good to know that, most of them are not beneficial and may come along with various adverse effects. It is due to this reason I recommend the use of vinegar which works well without posing any health problem in your body.

What is heartburn?

It is simple a condition that occurs when your stomach acid flows back into the esophagus causing the burning sensation. The burning sensation is what is referred to as heartburn or acid reflux. How does this happen? There is a valve called lower esophagus sphincter that prevents the acid inside the stomach from reaching the stomach. So, when the valve remains open, the stomach acid escape to the esophagus causing heartburn. Heartburn occurs when one has little acid in the stomach, and this is how the heartburn mechanism works. When the food enters your stomach, and there is little acid, this affects the digestion process and thus producing gas. Excessive production of the gas increases the pressure in the stomach forcing the acid up in the esophagus and thus causing the acid reflux.

How does vinegar treat heartburn?

First, you need to identify the right type of vinegar for heartburn, and the recommended type of vinegar is apple cider vinegar. In fact, apart from treating heartburn, apple cider vinegar is known in curing many body disorders such as headaches, colds, coughs, arthritis, sore throat and high cholesterol among others. One is therefore guaranteed to enjoy various health benefits after using Apple Cider Vinegar For Acid Reflux. Vinegar is an acid, and this poses the question, how do you solve an acid problem using another acid?

When you have little acid in your stomach, chances are your lower esophagus sphincter will not close completely and this increases chances of the stomach acid rising into the esophagus. When you take apple cider esophagus, in increases the level of the acid in the stomach and therefore enhancing proper digestion to take place. With a healthy digestion, there will be no gas production and that means your heartburn or acid reflux problem will be solved. However, since it is an acid, do not make it a habit of taking apple cider vinegar since excessive intake might also bring other complications in your body.

The right dosage for vinegar.

The standard dosage for vinegar is mixing a teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it before any meal. If it works well for you, this means that you probably had less acid in your stomach. However if it doesn’t work well for you or even worsens the problem, you should seek medical attention. This means you should drink about 2 to 3 glasses of apple cider vinegar throughout the day to acquire good results.


Vinegar for Heartburn is one of the best ways to treat acid reflux since it doesn’t have any side effects. In case you find hard to cope with the taste of apple cider vinegar, you can also take it in the form of tablets.


How to relieve gas pains

If you are looking for ways on how to relieve gas pains, you are not alone; many people experience the problem at one point or another in their lives. Stomach pain can be uncomfortable, painful, and sometimes embarrassing.

Gas production in the stomach is related to the food you eat and how you eat it, though it can be caused by health problems, food intolerance, added substances etc. Watching what you eat and your eating habits are the most effective methods to prevent gas long term. Listed below are some of the most effective methods of relieving gas pains

How to relieve gas pains 

1. Let it out- Trying to hold the gas to avoid embarrassment will only make the situation worse. It is normal to pass gas, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. You can find a restroom or private place where you can pass gas comfortably without worrying about embarrassment. However since you may not be able to dash in the restroom every time you want to pass gas, you can change positions and relax your muscles to let gas out.

2. Use herbs to relieve gas pain- Herbs such as ginger, peppermint, and chamomile have powerful properties that enhance digestion and settling the stomach. You can use the herbs in your tea or make a mixture using honey, lemon and hot water. Sip slowly to relieve gas pain.

3. Drink lemon water- Water is believed to help cure many ailments. Hot water especially will help relax muscles to allow gas to pass through easily. Lemon on the other hand helps break down food to reduce bloating and gas pain. Drinking warm lemon water will help flush waste from the digestive tract to keep your system clean and the digestive system working smoothly.

4. Over the counter relieve medicine- Another effective way to get rid of gas pain is to buy over the counter gas relief medicine. Some medicines such as activated charcoal can come in handy to release gas pain and ease stomach pain.

5. Food to help with gas pain- It is believed that some food can go a long way in reducing flatulence and gas pain. Some foods like papaya, yogurt, and pumpkin can help reduce the feeling of bloatdeness.

Gas is a natural by-product of the digestive tract. Gas pain will be helped by one or combination of the above remedies, however if the gas pain is chronic, excessive or unbearable talk to your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.


How to relieve sinus pressure naturally

Sinus infections cause pain and pressure between the eyes and above the nose. Sinus pain and pressure cause discomfort and can worsen over time, limiting your normal life activities.How to relieve sinus pressure, you should focus on the main pressure points.

Pressure Points on the Face

There are six areas on the face that you should focus on to relieve sinuses pressure. These are are the philtrum, the eyebrows, under the cheeks, between the eyes, bridge of the nose, and the sides of the nose.

Between The Eyes

This pressure point is situated between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. Tap or press this point for about a minute, to relieve the sinus pressure. Stimulating this pressure point enhances proper secretion of mucus. The aim of this procedure is to prevent the sinuses drying up and getting inflamed. This pressure point is critical in preventing rhinitis and colds.

Bridge Of The Nose

The bridge of the nose is the at the very top of the nose. At this point, the nose connects to the ridge of the eyes brows. To relieve sinus pressure, press the bridge of the nose for approximately five minutes. Stimulating this pressure location offers quick relief for Ethmoid, Sphenoid, and Frontal sinuses. Also, this action activates blood circulation in the eyes, relieving pressure from your eyes.

The Philtrum

The Philtrum is the pressure point located just under the nose. Press this point inwards and outwards, against the base of your nose. When you perform this procedure, you will feel your sinuses beginning to drain in a few seconds. You can also stop allergies or the urge to sneeze by simply pressing this point.


Slowly press your eyebrows upwards with the thumb, while moving outwards. Stimulating the eyebrows is effective for relieving pressure behind the eyes.

Both Sides Of The Nostrils

Press both sides of the nostrils simultaneously using two fingers, positioned at 90 degrees to your face. This action helps the sinuses to drain more effectively and is most suitable for relieving Maximally sinuses pressure. The effect of improved circulation on this pressure area relieves pain behind the cheeks. Also, you can prevent respiratory illnesses when you press this point regularly.

Under The Cheeks

This pressure point lies directly beneath the pupil and is quite tender and sensitive to touch. To locate this tender point, use your finger and trace along the cheek region. Stimulating this area by pressing it in and upwards against the cheek, relieves almost all sinus pressures including those emanating from the Eustachian tubes. Also, stimulating this pressure area relieves pain inside the mouth and around the cheek area.


Health Relief Can Extend Your Life Span

If you are having some serious health problems, it can be extremely helpful to find a remedy. What kind of health remedy are you looking for? You may need to be able to find something to get rid of a rash for example. The right creme can help you get rid of that rash, helping you get the right kind of health relief. You might be able to find a number of different options when it comes to dealing with a sore throat. The issue of having a sore throat can make things harder on you as you spend more time outside. Performing tasks and working outside the home can become harder if you can’t breathe.


There are a fair amount of home remedies out there that can help you with a number of different issues. This means that you will not necessarily have to consult with a physician in order to get the kind of health relief that you may need. You want to make sure that you drink the right types of fluid when you have the flu for example. There are online resources that give a lot of quality information out when it comes to different health issues.

Heart Issues

You want to be able to find a way to deal with different health issues. The health issues associated with your heart can be extremely serious. Prevention can be key in a number of different situations. Monitoring of your blood pressure may be one of the most important things that you can do to prevent heart issues. The biggest heart issues that you face may be prevented by having a proper diet. Proper dietary restrictions are not always going to taste good, but they can be very important for your long term health.

Common Sense

Common sense can help you find some of the best home remedies. At the same time though, it does not make sense to give up on over the counter stuff like cough syrup in order to get the best possible results quick. Patients that are looking for the right solution want to make sure that they don’t end up using the wrong medicating. Mixing the wrong medications is not a remedy and will in fact cause long term health problems. Making sure your skin remains healthy can be a good health tip as well. Dry and chapped skin can lead to a large amount of various health issues. It can be helpful to go to a dermatologist, for example.