How to relieve sinus pressure naturally

Sinus infections cause pain and pressure between the eyes and above the nose. Sinus pain and pressure cause discomfort and can worsen over time, limiting your normal life activities.How to relieve sinus pressure, you should focus on the main pressure points.

Pressure Points on the Face

There are six areas on the face that you should focus on to relieve sinuses pressure. These are are the philtrum, the eyebrows, under the cheeks, between the eyes, bridge of the nose, and the sides of the nose.

Between The Eyes

This pressure point is situated between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. Tap or press this point for about a minute, to relieve the sinus pressure. Stimulating this pressure point enhances proper secretion of mucus. The aim of this procedure is to prevent the sinuses drying up and getting inflamed. This pressure point is critical in preventing rhinitis and colds.

Bridge Of The Nose

The bridge of the nose is the at the very top of the nose. At this point, the nose connects to the ridge of the eyes brows. To relieve sinus pressure, press the bridge of the nose for approximately five minutes. Stimulating this pressure location offers quick relief for Ethmoid, Sphenoid, and Frontal sinuses. Also, this action activates blood circulation in the eyes, relieving pressure from your eyes.

The Philtrum

The Philtrum is the pressure point located just under the nose. Press this point inwards and outwards, against the base of your nose. When you perform this procedure, you will feel your sinuses beginning to drain in a few seconds. You can also stop allergies or the urge to sneeze by simply pressing this point.


Slowly press your eyebrows upwards with the thumb, while moving outwards. Stimulating the eyebrows is effective for relieving pressure behind the eyes.

Both Sides Of The Nostrils

Press both sides of the nostrils simultaneously using two fingers, positioned at 90 degrees to your face. This action helps the sinuses to drain more effectively and is most suitable for relieving Maximally sinuses pressure. The effect of improved circulation on this pressure area relieves pain behind the cheeks. Also, you can prevent respiratory illnesses when you press this point regularly.

Under The Cheeks

This pressure point lies directly beneath the pupil and is quite tender and sensitive to touch. To locate this tender point, use your finger and trace along the cheek region. Stimulating this area by pressing it in and upwards against the cheek, relieves almost all sinus pressures including those emanating from the Eustachian tubes. Also, stimulating this pressure area relieves pain inside the mouth and around the cheek area.